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Asphalt Paving & Milling Solutions

Replacing an existing asphalt lot requires the use of our paving & milling machines. These machines help to break up the asphalt, which is then recycled into new asphalt to be used on the lot. If your businesses in Texas need a new lot or require heavy repair and replacement of an existing lot, our paving & milling solutions can help.

New Construction 


When you have a paving or asphalt job, you need an expert.   We’re all about your next paving project. From driveway paving to huge industrial paving projects, We take pride in your work. We have decades of experience and have trained and worked with some of the best paving professionals in the industry. Whether you have an industrial paving job, a commercial asphalt project, a residential paving need or a driveway repair, our paving contractors will give you an honest estimate about asphalt costs. No hidden fees or “Gotchas!” It doesn’t matter if you have a need for new asphalt, paving repair, sealcoating, blacktop repair or some other paving service, we’re the ones to call.

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Asphalt Repair Solutions

Asphalt surfaces that have not been regularly serviced and maintained will eventually experience damage to their surface. The asphalt repair solutions offered by National Pavement can help restore the asphalt surface to be functional, free of cracks, divots, and bumps, and flat. Improving the aesthetic of your asphalt parking lot will not only provide a more efficient traffic flow, but it will provide an improved look for your business.

An asphalt overlay consists of placing a new layer of asphalt over an existing asphalt surface. Replacing the top layer of your asphalt surface not only makes your lot look brand new, but it also helps to keep the integrity of your lot secure. The new layer of asphalt acts like an adhesive, holding the existing asphalt into place, preventing cracks or damage from occurring.

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As professional pavers, we have years of experience in paving commercial, industrial and residential jobs. We are the absolute best at corrective work, asphalt repair and patching pavement. If you want the job done right- and that means paving that will last the years that it should, give us a call. 

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HoustonStriping.com looks forward to building a lasting, working relationship with you. Please feel free to call us for paving estimates and asphalt costs. We’ll give you an honest estimate from the largest projects you undertake to the time essential punch list items you want handled. Let our pavers take care of all your asphalt needs.

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